Chess || 9 years old boy beat someone ||

Battery charge full or not? Check with multimeter

Battery hi charger ah circuit mumal tak a awm a, a full indicator a awm a nih loh chuan a charge full leh full loh hriat a har ṭhin a. Multimeter hmangin awlsam taka check ve theih a ni a, he video ah hian chutiang chu dah a ni e.

Redmi 2s/prime cannot start without charging (SOLVED)

Redmi 2s/Prime charge chung lova nung theilo siam dan. Bootloop pawhin a awm thei.

How to repair remote control

Remote control hi a chhe ve duh hle a. Mipui nawlpuiin awlsam te a kan siam ve mai thiam theih tur leh kan hriatthiam theih turin he video ah hian dah a ni e.


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