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A capacitor is classified under passive electronic components. It consist of two conducting surfaces separated by a layer of an insulating material called Dielectric. It allows the passage of AC but block DC.

Types of Capacitors:
A few of the commonly used capacitors are as follows:-

1. Mica Capacitors:- It consist of a series plate made from Mica material which are connected together and separated by the dielectric. Mica capacitor have very low power factors on AC and hence they are very suitable for use at Radio Frequencies.

2. Ceramic Capacitors:- It consist of disc of ceramic material whose opposite faces are coafted with metallic silver. The ceramic disc acts as the dielectric and silver coatings as plates. Ceramic capacitors also have very low power factor and is very suitable for shortwave work in radio.

 3. Paper Capacitors:-  It usually consist of metal coils made from aluminium or copper or tin with thin paper impregnated with oil or wax. They are suitable for use in audio frequency stages of radio receiver as bypass capacitors.

 4. Electrolitic Capacitors:-  They are neither wet type or dry type. The wet type consist of an aluminium annode with an electrolytic solution of ammonium borate as cathode. The dry type capacitors consist of positive and negative electrodes of aluminium foil separated by porous paper containing electrolytes. Due to their high capacitance, they are used in smoothing circuits in radio work. For successful operation, such capacitors must always be used with proper polarity.


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